Desert Camps in Morocco: Which Is The Right One For You?

Morocco is a country of diverse landscapes, from the High Atlas Mountains to the Mediterranean coastline, making it a popular travel destination. However, the true gem lies within the vast expanses of the Moroccan Sahara – the desert camps in Morocco. These unique accommodations offer an unforgettable experience, providing travelers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and mystique of the desert. In this article, we will explore the best desert camps in Morocco, helping you choose the perfect one for your next adventure.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert in the world, covers an area of 9.2 million square kilometers across North Africa. While the Moroccan portion is only a small part of this massive desert, it is home to some of the most stunning landscapes and fascinating cultural experiences. The allure of the Moroccan Sahara lies in its vast dunes, breathtaking sunsets, and the opportunity to experience the traditional nomadic way of life. It’s no wonder that desert camps in Morocco have become increasingly popular among travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Different Types of Desert Camps in Morocco

As the popularity of desert camps in Morocco has grown, so has the variety of camp experiences available. From luxurious tents with modern amenities to traditional Berber camps that offer a more authentic experience, there is something for everyone. Here are the three main types of desert camps in Morocco:

1. Luxury camps:

These camps provide all the comforts of a high-end hotel, such as en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and fine dining experiences. They are perfect for those who want to experience the desert without sacrificing any creature comforts.

2. Traditional Berber camps:

 If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, these camps showcase the way of life of the indigenous Berber people. You’ll sleep in traditional tents made of camel hair and enjoy home-cooked Moroccan meals around a campfire. You can check out this article for a detailed overview of Berber Camps in Morocco.

3. Adventure camps:

For the adrenaline junkies, these desert camps in Morocco offer a range of thrilling activities like sandboarding, dune buggy rides, and guided treks through the desert.

Top Desert Camps in Morocco

1. Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi is one of the most famous and accessible desert regions in Morocco, known for its golden sand dunes that rise up to 150 meters high. The desert camps in this region offer a range of experiences, from luxury accommodations to authentic Berber tents. Some of the top desert camps in Erg Chebbi include:

  1. Luxury Desert Camp: This high-end camp features spacious tents with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable beds, and elegant furnishings. The camp also offers a variety of activities such as camel rides, quad biking, and traditional music performances.
  2. Berber Nomad Camp: Experience the traditional way of life at this authentic desert camp. You’ll sleep in cozy tents made from camel hair and dine on delicious Moroccan cuisine prepared over an open fire.

Unique experiences offered in Erg Chebbi include sunrise camel treks, sandboarding down the dunes, and witnessing the mesmerizing dance of the sand as the wind blows across the desert landscape.

    2. Erg Chigaga

    Erg Chigaga, located in the remote southeastern part of Morocco, is less frequented by tourists than Erg Chebbi. Its towering dunes, some reaching up to 300 meters, create an otherworldly landscape that is perfect for those seeking a more secluded desert experience. Here are a couple of desert camps in Erg Chigaga worth considering:

    1. Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp: Indulge in a deluxe experience at this luxury camp, featuring spacious tents with en-suite bathrooms and plush furnishings. Enjoy activities like camel treks, guided desert walks, and evenings around a crackling campfire under the star-studded sky.
    2. Sahara Nomad Camp: This traditional Berber camp offers a more rustic experience, where you’ll sleep in comfortable tents adorned with colorful Moroccan rugs and cushions. Participate in cultural activities like learning to bake bread in the sand or sharing stories with local nomads.

    Unique experiences offered in Erg Chigaga include exploring the vast, untouched dunes, visiting the sacred oasis of Iriqui, and stargazing in one of the darkest skies on the planet.

    3. Merzouga

    Merzouga, a small village on the edge of Erg Chebbi, serves as the gateway to some of the most stunning desert camps in Morocco. Its proximity to the dunes makes it a popular starting point for camel treks and 4×4 excursions. Some top desert camps in Merzouga include:

    1. Ksar Bicha Camp: This luxury camp provides a blend of comfort and authenticity. Stay in beautifully decorated tents equipped with en-suite bathrooms and enjoy activities like sandboarding, camel rides, and traditional music performances.
    2. Merzouga Desert Camp: Immerse yourself in the local Berber culture at this traditional camp. Sleep in tents furnished with Moroccan rugs and cushions, dine on authentic cuisine, and learn about the nomadic way of life from your hosts.

    Unique experiences offered in Merzouga include visiting the seasonal Dayet Srji lake, where you can spot migratory birds and desert wildlife, and exploring the ancient fossil beds in the surrounding area.

    Best Time to Visit

    The best time to visit desert camps in Morocco is during the shoulder seasons of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). During these months, daytime temperatures are more comfortable, and the nights are cooler but not too cold. The summer months can be unbearably hot, while winter nights can be freezing, making it less enjoyable to stay in a desert camp.

    Choose The Right Desert Camping Tour Service

    1. Morocco Desert Charm

    Morocco Desert Charm offers a range of desert tours with varying durations, from 2-day trips to 5-day adventures. They specialize in providing authentic experiences, taking you to traditional Berber camps where you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

    Price Range: $150-$500 per person, depending on the tour duration and group size. Prices include transportation, accommodation, camel treks, and some meals.

    Service Quality: Morocco Desert Charm is known for its excellent service, knowledgeable guides, and commitment to showcasing the authentic side of Morocco. They offer personalized itineraries, ensuring that you have a unique and memorable experience.

    1. Desert Luxury Camp

    Desert Luxury Camp offers a more upscale desert camping experience, combining the thrill of the desert with the comforts of a high-end hotel. They provide customizable tours that include camel rides, 4×4 excursions, and sandboarding.

    Price Range: $250-$800 per person, depending on the tour duration, accommodation choice, and group size. Prices include transportation, luxury accommodation, activities, and all meals.

    Service Quality: Desert Luxury Camp is known for its exceptional service, with attentive staff and expert guides who go above and beyond to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. They offer a wide range of activities, from cultural experiences to adrenaline-pumping adventures.

    1. Sahara Stars Camp

    Sahara Stars Camp focuses on providing budget-friendly desert tours that don’t compromise on quality. They offer 2-day to 4-day tours, taking you to traditional Berber camps and providing various activities like camel treks, dune bashing, and visits to local villages.

    Price Range: $100-$400 per person, depending on the tour duration and group size. Prices include transportation, accommodation, camel treks, and some meals.

    Service Quality: Sahara Stars Camp prides itself on offering affordable yet high-quality tours. Their knowledgeable guides are passionate about sharing their culture and history, and the camp staff ensures that guests feel welcome and comfortable.


    In conclusion, the choice of a desert camping tour service in Morocco depends on your budget and personal preferences. For a more luxurious experience, consider Desert Luxury Camp, while Morocco Desert Charm and Sahara Stars Camp offer authentic experiences at different price points. Regardless of your choice, each of these tour services is committed to providing unforgettable desert adventures in Morocco.

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